Creative Bathroom Lighting Options

When remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important things to consider is the lighting. The lighting in a room can have a huge effect on the way the space looks and feels. LED lights are some of the best options for those remodeling their homes, because they consume less energy than other types of lighting, and they also save money. Here are some bathroom lighting ideas that you can use in your remodeling project.

Bathroom LED Spots

Spotlights are a common form of bathroom lighting, because they provide direct light in a room that’s often too dark. Since LED lighting can have a colder tone than other types of lighting, it’s important to place your LED spots in the right place in your bathroom. Ideally, you should have several smaller bathroom spots instead of a few large ones, as this will make the light seem more natural. If your bathroom does not already have built-in LED spots, you may need to hire an electrician to complete this project. Bathroom spots can be installed many different places throughout your bathroom, but are most commonly used on the ceiling or as part of a vanity.

Bathroom Dimmable Recessed LEDs

Dimmable lights (dimbare inbouwposts LED) are a great addition to any bathroom, because you can adjust the lighting to look exactly how you want it. You may want your lighting to be bright while you are getting ready in the morning, but would rather have a soft, dim glow when you are relaxing in the bath at the end of the day. Dimmable LED lighting is a great investment because it can completely transform an otherwise simple bathroom. You can install dimmable recessed LEDs both on your ceilings and on your walls.

LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lights in your bathroom are an easy way to highlight decor items or mirrors that you want to be a focal point in the room. Strip lighting is something that you can install yourself, but when done right, it looks very expensive and luxurious. One of the best ways to use LED strip lights is to put them behind the mirrors in your bathroom. It gives them a chic, vanity-like glow that will make you motivated to do your makeup in the morning.

Wall Sconces/Side Bathroom Spots

Having some lighting on the wall in your bathroom adds detail and interest to the space. Wall sconces look very elegant, so if you are going for a very traditional look, they are a perfect option for your space. If your preferred look is something a bit more sleek and modern, you can also opt to hang your LED spots on your side walls instead of from the ceiling. This allows you to choose exactly where you want the light to go and what you want it to be focused on. For example, you may choose to direct a light towards the mirror or towards an area you use frequently, such as a bathtub or shower.


If you prefer not to use built-in LED spots in your bathroom, you could opt for an LED chandelier instead. Chandeliers are an amazing way to make a statement in your bathroom, because they really draw focus and give your bathroom personality. There are also plenty of different types of chandeliers available – you can opt for a traditionally glamorous chandelier, or you may prefer something a bit more modern and industrial. Either way, this statement piece will really make your bathroom stand out.

LED lighting is a perfect choice to transform your bathroom. Using LED lights to create a stylish bathroom space is not only a great investment for you, but it’s also better for the planet as well.