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4 Reasons To Try Deliveree

Companies and individuals who use courier services are always wondering when a new player will enter the market. Sometimes companies arrive on the scene with interesting prospects, but they end up offering the same service as others. Deliveree has taken a different route. Not only is it a new player on the block, but it is offering a service that is unique from anything else that is available. Businesses and individuals in Thailand can leverage the Deliveree service to ensure their logistics and transportation needs are being met in the most efficient way. Here is a deeper look at how the service works and why it is worth trying.

Easy Service

Deliveree is promising to offer the most complete and comprehensive service for delivering packages and sending freight through Thailand. Not only does it offer complete coverage from one end of the country to another, but it also offers the easiest way to sign up and get started. Users simply need to download the app on their phone and they are underway. Whether it will be a business or a personal order for transportation, the app is suitable for that process. Creating an account takes less than a few minutes and then it is all about choosing the relevant options.

Save Money

Compared to other couriers, Deliveree is offering lower rates. There is no other courier in Thailand that can deliver same day, next day and two day services at lower rates. Whether it is an e-commerce business, factory or a store that wants to get its packages from one place to another, Deliveree can help. It has a fleet of new trucks, well trained drivers and a system that allows for maximum efficiency. It results in customers seeing lower prices, because they are only paying for the services they are using.

Pay Fairly

The problem with other logistics services is that companies are forced to pay for an entire truck. Their items will be on the truck during the journey, but there is a lot of empty space. It is not how Deliveree operates. By ensuring that items from various customers can be put on the same trucks, Deliveree is only charging per item. Through its special boxes, weight charges and other methods, Deliveree calculates the precise fee for the transaction in the app. It is the only amount of money the user will have to pay, which can save individuals and businesses a lot of money.

Full Coverage

One of the issues with respect to logistics in Thailand is the broad nature of the country. Major cities always get a lot of coverage, but smaller towns, villages and farming areas are not so lucky. Deliveree has changed all that. It is a company that understands people in those areas have just as much of a need for urgent deliveries, products and services. While it is not possible to get same and next day delivery in some areas, it is still within two or three days for a modest rate.

Thanks to the Deliveree service, the Thai economy is opening up. Not only is the company connecting one end of the country to another, but it is making logistics more accessible than ever. Forget about filling out complicated forms and talking to agents on the phone. A download of the app, login and entering of information is all that is required to set up a transaction. Whether someone is sending a single package or a lot of freight, they are able to conduct their business quickly and with ease. There is no solution more convenient for sending freight and packages in Thailand than Deliveree.